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Always the most pleasant staff around. I have been going here for 18 years and wouldn't dream of using another dentist. Janet is a very pleasant Hygienist and Dr. Ritzi is always so nice and upbeat. When I have had dental work and felt apprehensive, they were very good at calming any anxieties that I might of had to make my visit as short and comfortable as possible.
- Billy Rahaim

This was my first visit here and had the best experience with a dentist office in my life. First of all, I had to change my dentist when I changed insurances from MetLife to Delta. This office accepts Delta insurance. I called to make an appointment and the lady on the phone was super friendly and got me an appointment the next day! Before I called this office I called another nearby larger dental office and I would t be able to get in for a month and a half. I was able to save time downloading and filling out all the paper work as a new patient from their website. At the office, everyone was super friendly. My dental hygienist, Jessica was amazing. I had the longest and most thorough cleaning of my life. Not only did I get a great cleaning experience it was a great education as well! I learned more about my teeth this one visit than all of my other dentist visits from my whole life at other locations. Dr. Ritzy was also very friendly and I can tell he is passionate about what he does. He took the time to answer questions I had. I need some minor work on my next visit and I was super impressed that they contacted my insurance company while I was there to get the best estimate possible to let me know what my out of pocket obligations would be so there are no surprises. They even offer a 5% discount if you prepay. Overall, best dentist office I have ever been too. I am referring all my family and friends.
- Tylan Morgan

Our family has been trusting Ritzi Dental with our dental health for 8+ years and there's a good reason for that! We love Ritzi Dental! When we moved to this area we asked friends where we should go and they highly recommended Dr. Ritzi - now we do the same whenever anyone asks for about finding a great dentist! It's always a pleasure to be greeted by name by the friendly staff and both Dr. Ritzi and Dr. Fletcher are wonderfully caring professionals. Our children are never nervous about going to the dentist because they know they will be well cared for by a staff who is truly interested in them as young people. Their questions are always answered and they always look forward to their next visit. That's an exceptional recommendation in my opinion! Thank you all so much for excellent dental care. We really appreciate everything you do to help us keep our healthy smiles :-)
- Heather Kennedy

I enjoyed my visit as usual. I was in and out in a timely manner. I was informed about some options I had for whitening and a veneer or crown. Everyone i was in contact with was extremely nice and courteous.
- Daniel Newton

Oh where to begin! Now that I am 22 years old, I can now honestly have a great appreciation for the dentist! Instead of sharing all the great experiences that I have had at your office, I will share my most cherished memory with Dr. Ritzi: When I was about 10 years old, I had my yearly cleaning. I was nervous to see Dr. Ritzi because I had a loose tooth that was bound to come out any day. With a little luck, I hoped he wouldn't notice it. Instead, at the cleaning, it was the first thing Dr. Ritzi noticed. "You don't want that tooth to come out do you Brian?" he asked. I nervously shook my head. He continued, "I am just going to check the rest of your teeth." I knew he was lying! When I least expected it, he took his sharp, metal poker of death and popped my loose tooth right out of my mouth! The tooth went flying across the room! After a short girly scream from me, I looked at Dr. Ritzi in the most pathetic mean-looking face. He sarcastically said, "All better?" Thank you Dr. Ritzi for all the enjoyable and not-so-enjoyable moments at the dentist! You are a fine dentist accompanied by an amazing staff!! Your professional knowledge and care in dentistry is second to none!
- Brian Nagle

Steve, already admired, had the good sense to segue Mike Bowling's practice into his own on a perfect timeline. Not so quick as to hint at opportunism, no so slow as to calcify (reference intended to be humorous) growth. In the process, grieving patients became comfortable with the new guy in charge, while simultaneously introduced to modern therapies and philosophies in dental care. Beyond pleased, I am proud to be a patient.
- Lyle Whybrew

My daughters and I have been patients of Dr. Ritzi's since 2001 I believe. We keep coming because everyone is friendly, fast and efficient. I think what I really like besides the fact I rarely feel any pain, is that everyone knows what they are doing. I mean the treatment I receive fits me and my budget. I did insurance for many years so I like the fact that billing is done the same day to the right company and I don't have to worry about fixing it. If there is a problem they take care of that too. In this struggling economy it is just one less thing to worry about.
- Gretchen Atkins

I simply can not say enough about Ritzi Dental. I am not related to anyone there in any way, yet they feel like family when I/we go. I have personally had multiple dental office experiences and Ritzi dental far exceeds them all!
- Becky Curtis

A friend highly recommended your office to me. Although I have been apprehensive and nervous in the past about going to the dentist, your friendly, fun staff made me feel comfortable from the start. And I absolutely love the Oral-B toothbrush you recommended. I feel like I've just had a professional cleaning every time I use it.
- Mark Davis

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